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"The Constitutional Revolution". Organized and orchestrated by "The Constitutional Guard". Promising to be as deliberate and dedicated as the patriots that established our founding revolution, but withholding the violence. Education, information and knowledge shall be the ammunition. The courage and wisdom of our founders will be the weapons of choice.

Our Primary Goal Is to Reintroduce the Constitution and Other Founding Documents to the Educational System and Our Posterity. Decency, respect and prosperity are at the core of our goals.

"We Are Smarter Than The Problem!"
The Answer Is the Constitution Not More Out of Control Government.
Academia has failed, it's time to re-inhabit our factories!

Our Constitution Should Be Read & Discussed in Every Class, in Every School,
in Every State of The Republic. Constitution in School Project

Constitutional Talk, Sharing of Ideas & Joining Forces.
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Our Republic is floundering under the weight of a shameless government trying to render it a democracy.

This video, sadly to say, is the most accurate picture
of our future weíve seen to date.
It's not too late to repaint this picture.

It is time for all Americans to read, study, empower and support our Constitution. The revolution has just begun, this will prove to be a critical time in history. Surrender or complacency is not an option. Never give up!


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